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Looking to make a delicious Bloody Maria or perhaps finds that perfect marindae for your next grill out. Check out some of our recipes below all made with Tomame Bloody Mary Blend. 

Tomame Deviled Eggs

Start with 12 boiled eggs. Crack shells, cut in half and remove yolks into separate bowl. Take egg yolks and combine all ingredients(except jerky & Paprika).
I recommend going a little light on the ingredients and adding additional later. Once egg mixture is complete transfer into freezer bag. Cut small corner off bottom freezer bag.
That way you can easily squirt egg yolk mixture into the egg whites without the mess.
Once complete garnish with Golden Island jerky and paprika for a delicious Asian twist.


12 eggs
1 cup chipolte mayonnaise
1 tbsp spicy pickle juice
2 tbsp spicy mustard
1/8 tsp salt
3 tbsp Stirrings Bloody Mary mix
Freshly cracked black pepper
Yellowbird Hot Sauce
Gold Island Sriracha Jerky

Bloody Bourbon 

Combine Tomame Bloody Mary Blend, Bourbon, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire, Cracked Pepper and shake over ice. Pour into scotch glass with small amount of ice and garnish with Smoky Beef Sticks. Enjoy!


5 oz Tomame
2 oz Bourbon
Chili Peppers
Smoked Rellano Peppers
Smoked Jerky Stick
Hot sauce
Cracked Pepper

Bloody Mule

Combine all ingredients in shaker and serve over crushed ice. Garnish with limes and celery.


5 oz Goslings Ginger Beer
Splash of Tomame  
Hot Sauce
Infused Pepper Vodka
Lime Juice
Lime Wedges  
Celery Stalk