It all started when...

I landed in Chicago in 2009 and quickly learned about the amazing brunch scene the city had to offer. Being from Detroit I had never really experienced this boozy breakfast-lunch meal before. After trying every brunch joint I could I started to document my boozy breakfast adventures focusing primarily on where to get the best Bloody Mary. 

Within a couple years I had a significant following on Instagram and a constant stream of viewers to my blog. Since I knew so much about Bloody Mary's and was getting sick of coming across the bad ones I started to think about creating my own mix. It only made sense - I knew what it took to make a damn good Bloody Mary.  Shortly after deciding to make my own Bloody Mary mix I reached out to my best friend in Detroit, Craig. Being a packaging major from Michigan State and damn smart when it came to business I knew he was the final piece to this whole puzzle. Plus he had strong Michigan roots which brought this whole thing together. 

One thing led to another and we started Stout Bloody Mary Blend ™ which we believe is the best Bloody Mary mix on the market. The recipe has over 30 ingredients and is made with natural smoke flavor and real molasses. This bold blend delivers a heavy punch of spice and a bit of smokiness. We love pairing it with Mezcal, Bourbon and Vodka. Try it with your favorite spirit and we promise you won't be let down. Take it from the experts.


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