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STOUT was created in the spring of 2017 by two men who were sick of bad Bloody Mary's. They had a vast knowledge of the brunch scene and oddly enough, packaging. For years the two critiqued and complained about Brunch restaurants and poorly set-up packaging displays at local retailers. One day it hit them and they realized they could fix the bad Bloody Mary problem.  Jeff had written about them for years and Craig knew what it took to create the package and marketing around it. Combining their skills they set-out to create a blend that was not only unique from the rest but also vegan, gluten free and organic.


our TEAM

Jeff  Hoven
Co-Founder  — CHICAGO, IL

 Craig Phillips
Co-Founder — DETROIT, MI

 Connor Hale
Marketing & Sales— Chicago, IL


about the blend

The STOUT recipe has over 30 ingredients and is made with natural smoke flavor and real molasses. This bold blend delivers a heavy punch of spice and a bit of smokiness. The blend is also Vegan and Gluten Free. We love pairing it with vodka, tequila or mezcal. Try it with your favorite spirit and we promise you won't be let down. Take it from the experts. We know Bloody's. 

 STOUT with Vodka – Bloody Mary

 STOUT with Tequila – Bloody Maria

 STOUT with Mezcal – Mezcal Mary

STOUT with Beer – Michelada

STOUT can be found in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Northern Indiana and Missouri. Looking for specific retailers and restaurants? Contact us at



"Great flavor and an outstanding body. It makes a drink with great depth of flavor and has a variety of spices." 
Ian Hockenberger - Executive Chef - Punch Bowl Social Detroit

"More flavor than some of the other brands we've tried."
Natalie Brockie - General Manager - Happy Camper

"The reception we've had for the mix at all locations has been overwhelmingly positive. You guys have a great product on your hands!" 
Bill Carey - General Manager - Last Call Tavern Group

"Impressed with the flavor!"
Jon Young - Owner - Kitsch'n